Aníbal Pérez-Liñán (Ph.D., University of Notre Dame) is associate professor of political science and member of the core faculty at the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. His research focuses on constitutional design, political stability, and institutional performance among new democracies. Pérez-Liñán was born in Argentina, and his work on political institutions has involved field research in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Venezuela. He is the author of “The Effects of U.S. Foreign Assistance on Democracy Building, 1990-2003″ (with Steven E. Finkel and Mitchell Seligson, World Politics, 2007), and of Presidential Impeachment and the New Political Instability in Latin America (Cambridge University Press, 2007).


Selected Projects of Note

  • 2011. Member of the team selected by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to assess the development of an alert system on gender participation in Latin America.
  • 2009-11. Principal investigator in a project sponsored by the National Science Foundation (SES 0918886) to study Supreme Court stability in 18 countries.
  • 2009. Member of the assessment team in the project “The Effects of US Trade Capacity Building Assistance on Trade-Related Outcomes, 1999-2008″ (MSI International and United States Agency for International Development).
  • 2004-07. Co-Principal Investigator in the project “Deepening our Understanding of the Effects of US Foreign Assistance on Democracy Building” (sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development).
  • 2004-05. Member of the research team for the project “Who Decides on Public Expenditures? A Political Economy Analysis of the Budget Process.” Inter American Development Bank and Desarrollo Institute (Paraguay).
  • 2003-04. Member of the research team for the project “Political Institutions, Policymaking Processes, and Policy Outcomes” (Paraguay and Ecuador), sponsored by the Inter American Development Bank.
  • 2003. Member of the project “Democratic Values in Bolivia” (University of Pittsburgh Public Opinion Program and USAID).

Recent Publications

Substantive Areas

  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Political Institutions, Processes, and Parties
  • Rule of Law


  • Latin America

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