Annemie Maertens is an Assistant Professor in International Development at the University of Pittsburgh. She obtained her PhD in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University in August 2010. Her research interests are in the area of empirical development economics, with an emphasis on the social and behavioral aspects of individual decision-making, using experimental techniques and econometric analysis of household and firm survey data. She has worked on (agricultural) technology adoption, education and farmers’ attitudes towards risk for her dissertation. Her current research interests also include child and maternal nutrition, interlinked markets, and gender and the Indian marriage market.

Selected Projects of Note

  • National Science Foundation, “The Effects of Identity and Social Networks on Investment and Market Participation Behavior: An Analysis from Rural South India”

Recent Publications

Substantive Areas

  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Capacity Building and Public Sector Reform
  • Property Rights and Land Tenure


  • Asia (Southeast, China, India)

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