Barry Ames is the Andrew Mellon Professor of Comparative Politics at the University of Pittsburgh. His academic work focuses on Latin America, especially Brazil, and centers on legislatures, elections, and political behavior. His last book is entitled The Deadlock of Democracy in Brazil. He has consulted for the World Bank and USAID in both Latin America and Africa, especially Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa, on such topics as self-governance, decentralization, political parties and legislative process, policy implementation, and capacity building.


Selected Projects of Note

  • USAID parties project: $685,000 (with Scott Morgenstern)
  • Work in Mocambique as part of USAID’s African decentralization project (2010) with Ed Connerley
  • Morocco May, 2010.  Political Parties evaluation.

Recent Publications

Substantive Areas

  • Decentralization, Subnational Governance, and Civil Society
  • Political Institutions, Processes, and Parties


  • Africa (Lusophone)
  • Latin America

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Political Science
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