Daniel Berkowitz is a Professor of Economics at the University of Pittsburgh and co-Editor of the Journal of Comparative Economics. This year he was a visiting Professor at the City University of Hong Kong and Tsinghua University in Beijing. His areas are comparative economics, law and finance, post-socialist transition and applied microeconomics.


Selected Projects of Note

  • National Council for Soviet and East European Research, National Science Foundation: study of local governance in Russia during the transition and to study market integration and determinants of growth
  • Davidson Institute: study of Russian oil pipeline

Recent Publications

  • “The Evolution of a Nation: How Geography and Law Shaped the American States,” (with Karen Clay) Princeton University Press, December 2011.
  • “Law and the Trade of Less-Developed Economies,“ (with Johannes Moenius), the Journal of Development Economics: forthcoming.
  • “Do Elite Private High Schools Improve Academic Performance? Evidence from Admissions Data,” (with Mark Hoekstra), the Economics of Education Review: forthcoming.
  • “Growth in Post-Soviet Russia: A Tale of Two Transitions,” (with David N. DeJong), the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 79: 133-43, 2011.
  • “Law, Trade and the Asian Miracle,” (with Johannes Moenius), Asian Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics 15(3): 291-315, 2008.
  • “Are Nearly Exogenous Instruments Reliable?” (with Mehmet Caner and Ying Fang), Economic Letters 101: 20-23, 2008.
  • “The Effect of Judicial Independence on Courts: Evidence from the American States,” (with Karen Clay), Journal of Legal Studies 35(2): 399-440,June 2006.

Substantive Areas

  • Decentralization, Subnational Governance, and Civil Society
  • Rule of Law


  • E. Europe and Russia
  • Asia (Southeast, China, India)

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