W. James Jacob

Dr. Jacob is Director of the Institute for International Studies in Education (IISE), which is based in the School of Education. Prior to coming to Pittsburgh, Jacob served as the Assistant Director at the Center for International and Development Education at UCLA’s Graduate School of Education, where he also received his PhD in 2004. He has worked with a number of private, public, bi-lateral, and multi-lateral organizations in his research endeavors, including ADB, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNESCO, The World Bank, government ministries of education and health, USAID, ProLiteracy Worldwide, South Pacific Forum, and UNITUS. His teaching interests and experience are in the areas of higher education management, strategic planning, research methods, policy analysis, program evaluation, international development, social theory, multicultural education, research ethics, and organizational leadership and strategy. He has written extensively on comparative, international, and development education topics with an emphasis on higher education. Dr. Jacob’s research focuses on higher education management; HIV/AIDS multisectoral prevention, capacity building, and principles of good governance; indigenous education issues of culture, language, and identity as they relate to post-secondary education; international and development education; quality assurance; organizational development; higher education strategic planning; and organizational effectiveness. Much of Dr. Jacob’s recent research initiatives include chairing the Comparative and International Education Society’s Higher Education SIG and co-editing a new book series by Palgrave Macmillan entitled International and Development Education. He is currently directing the International Higher Education Initiative in the School of Education’s Higher Education Management Program and IISE’s Indigenous Education Project.

Selected Projects of Note:

  • American Indians and Higher Education: Issues of Access and Equity (Feb 1, 2008 – Dec 31, 2011)
  • HIV/AIDS Strategy and Action Plan Consultancy with The World Bank and UNAIDS. (Jul 1, 2007 – Jun 30, 2011)
  • Language Issues in Chinese Higher Education: The Case of Korean and Mongol Minority Groups (Apr 1, 2008 – Mar 31, 2011)

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